Berman Contemporary

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With the split-level space, the gallery interior is slick, chic and minimalist. Museum lighting will adorn the various sculpture displays and wall artworks. Owing to the incredible scale of some of the works, the space is designed for the spectacular display of such monumental pieces. The selection will incorporate many top South African artists such as Robyn Denny; Ingrid Bolton; Natalie Field and Stefan Blom.

In the past decade, many of the fine art galleries located in Sandton City itself have closed down, with the art world’s primary locale being Rosebank and surrounding areas. In this New York-style contemporary space, Berman Contemporary strives to bring art and galleries back into the Sandton CBD. The space will allow for top artists from South Africa and Pan-African countries to fully exhibit curated shows and uplift the cultural tapestry that is Sandton. Corporate art curators and collectors will be brought a new and fresh selection of artists introducing new and dynamic investments.