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Established in 1999, Clinica Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics are proud manufactures and marketers of high quality skincare products. Clinica have made it their mission statement to provide consumers and potential customers with a high quality product at an affordable price.

Clinica’s products are specifically formulated and prepared to address all types of skin:

  • Black/Coloured phenotypes
  • White/Asian phenotypes
  • Red haired phenotypes

Products are not tested on animals and have no animal extracts in them. They contain no harmful products, e.g. Hydroquinone, bleaching agents or ingredients, which would hydrolyse on the skin – “turn into hydroquinone via a chemical reaction”.

The active ingredients in the products are from herbal extract and are not synthetic in nature.

With the majority of our products there is clinical data to substantiate the efficacy of the product.